Missing out all the rain (and pain) in CamSur

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What every Pinoy triathlete who trained hard for months finally ended last August 14 and it was a first of sorts. The 3rd edition of the Cobra Ironman 70.3 will surely be remembered bec. of the rainy weather that helped keep participants their cool over the course of the race that day. It was also the first time that rules were strictly implemented including the non-drafting rule and the swim cut-off time, and Kona slots were up for grab. This year’s Half-Ironman event was definitely bigger and better than the previous two, more than 850 participants joining the biggest triathlon event in the country. I gave my SportyTechie two thumbs up for the race organizers for giving us local triathletes a world class triathlon event!

Since February of this year, I started training for this event just to miss the race itself due to illness. I got Dengue fever, a disease caused by mosquitoes especially during the rainy season were cases are common and even outbreaks declared in some provinces. With extremely bad luck, I got the disease almost one week to go before the race day. Initially, I thought it was a flu but when I got the rashes (a common symptom of Dengue fever) it was surely a miss for me for CamSur. My fate was sealed as blood test confirmed it, and even though the symptoms disappeared in about a week there is no way I’m able to participate for this year’s Cobra Ironman 70.3. Dengue takes about 2-4 weeks full recovery and in my case, I was still in recovery mode (Strength and Endurance not back yet) on the race day itself (August 14).

Greenhills Tri Team Kevs and Peter

Greenhills Tri Team Kevs and Peter at the Swim Start

CWC Lago Del Rey

CWC Lago Del Rey where the 1st part of the swim will be held (1250m)

My morale was in its all time low, months of training for nothing and financially speaking lots of my hard earned money wasted (Joining an Ironman event isn’t cheap). I even considered to participate on the race but my better judgement and advice from a fellow teammate which is a doctor made me accept that this year isn’t the year for me to fulfill my lifelong dream of finishing the Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines. Still, I wouldn’t let this event pass w/o me seeing my Greenhills Tri-Team mates off so at the last minute, I decided to drive all the way to CamSur with my GF to watch the event. It was all worth it except for the 9 hr long drive to Camsur!

Ohh well, there’s always next year and a chance to redeem myself at Whiterock Triathlon on October 1! To all finishers of this year’s Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines, Congratulations and see you next year!


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