Powerade Duathlon 2011 Leg 3

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The longest running duathlon event in the country is on its final leg and this time its even harder the the previous two legs with its standard duathlon distance of 10km Run – 40km Bike – 5km Run. The third leg of the event held on its new location at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa and its my first time to actually do a race there. Greenhills tri team were almost at full force with members present are: Sherwyn, Carlo, Igo, Jevon, Alfredo, Jeng and James.

The course at Nuvali is relatively flat with a few steep climbs during the bike leg that made it difficult of participants during the first half of the bike leg. The hot sunny weather took a toll on a lot of participants as there were a lot of DNF’s (Did not finish) and most participants cramping especially during the 2nd run leg. There was a incident on the first run leg where a participant collapsed and even needed medics.

Congratulations to our very own Igo Velasco on taking the 2nd place of his Age Group division.


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