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SportyTechie at Hyundai Run for a Cause

April 5th, 2011

Many doubted, many weren’t expecting, and many were wrong! Who would have though a free run with more than 24,000 participants would be this good? Hyundai pioneered with this great event proving that you don’t need to pay expensive to have a premiere run, making RunRio’s events a run for their money. Yes, its possible for an event to be free but be well organized and I hope other running events in the future will follow in Hyundai’s example.

SportyTechie at Hyundai Run for a Cause

Overall the event was top notch. The Wave system greatly helped the running lanes for this event avoiding clogging of runners in the first few kilometers. A running first, the Hyundai Run for a Cause organizers made it’s mark in the running community with its 5km long Human Chain of Race Marshals ensuring runners to stay on their running lanes. The running singlet is well made considering its a free run, and the organizers took the extra mile by including RFID Timing system for hassle free retrieval of times for participants. Basic needs are covered, the route was well hydrated with tons of bottled water along the route, about two water trucks and portalets along the route too! The best of all, there were photographers from RunnersRunner who took our shots even though we were late for about 40 minutes.

I hope Hyundai will host another great and free run like this especially the Hyundai Run for a Cause was well received by the local running community. To Hyundai and all the event staff and organizers, SportyTechie salutes you for your great work!


Looking to get your time? Check out and enter your RFID number (not your Bib number)

Looking to see your pics? Go to and enter your Bib number to search your photos

Hyundai Run for a Cause – Race Pack Contents

March 31st, 2011
Hyundai Run for a Cause Race Pack

Hyundai Run for a Cause Race Pack

SportyTechie and crew just claimed our Race Packs for the Hyundai Run for a Cause and I’m a bit surprise at the quality of the running singlet included. Honestly, I were expecting more of a low-quality singlet made from cheap fabric (the one that may chaff your skin during long runs) since the event is free but I’m wrong, very wrong.

The singlet is well designed, comfortable to wear and fits nicely. Unlike other singlets that from previous runs I joined which are now just lying around in my closet, surely I’ll use this every now and then when I’m at home. More surprisingly, the pack includes a RFID Timing tag just like RunRio’s D-Tag that makes getting results a breeze and much much accurate, down to the second.


Now, who says there’s nothing good and free? Hyundai and its organizers surely give a big effort to make this running event successful. I do hope dividing the run in waves will make this event much much organized than last year’s Milo Marathon which flooded the same venue with more than 25,000 runners and made the run very chaotic with congestion at the first 5km of the route.

Hyundai Accent Run Major Updates

March 25th, 2011

Hyundai Rrun for a CauseSome major updates for the upcoming Hyundai Accent Run aka Hyundai Fun Run:

• It is now called Hyundai Run for a Cause

Venue is now at Quirino Grand Stand in Manila (Luneta) and the run course is now in Roxas Blvd.

Registration is still open, though race packs of registrants who have successfully submitted their entries starting March 24, 2011 shall be claimed only at the Hyundai Headquarters – 11th Floor, KPMG Center, 6787 Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

Claiming of race packs is still on March 29-31, 2011 though you must present the ff:

  • Signed Waiver and fully accomplished registration form
  • Photocopy of participant’s valid ID (w/ picture and signature)

Complete details here for Claiming areas:

ITS STILL FREE! So register bec. it officially closes again! Click here to register for the Hyundai Run for a Cause

Hyundai Accent Run Reopens registrations

March 9th, 2011

Good news fellow Runners! Hyundai reopens its registration for its free run, the Hyundai Accent Run aka Hyundai Free Run.

Hyundai Accent Run

From their Facebook Page: Registration shall be re-opened today, 10 March 2011 at 1:00pm, to accommodate new batches of passionate eco-warriors!

It seems registration were open 30 minutes earlier, the registration page is already up: Well, what are you waiting for? Register now before all the available slots get taken again!

Click here for the Hyundai Accent Run details, or check their website at:

Hyundai Accent Run – The FREE Run

March 9th, 2011

Hyundai Accent RunUPDATE: It seems the registration for the Hyundai Accent Run is closed for now, they currently reached their current limit of runners. Stay tuned for updates for this event or check their Facebok account.

Yes, you read it right! The Hyudai Free Run is FREE! Just when a lot of running enthusiast are complaining of the rising registration fees for running events, here comes Hyundai giving us a FREE run. As if it weren’t enough, the free registration includes a nice singlet as you can see below. Surely a lot of runners are happy of this awesome news. It seems Hyundai is doing a lot of stuff just to market its new car, the Hyundai Accent. I for one has seen the Accent in a mall and it sure is a looker! Not to mention its great price.

Here are the details for the event:

  1. Registration is from March 1-23, 2011
  2. Check out their Facebok account: Hyundai Fun-Run for more run details, updates on registration dates and venues, and race pack distribution. (Must add them as a friend first)
  3. Register online – Click here for Online Registration
  4. A confirmation via email will be sent to you once registration form has been fully accomplished.
  5. No registration fee is needed.
  6. The Hyundai Accent Run : An All-new Way to Play. April 2, 2011, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.Official Assembly Time and Gun Start:
    Mileage Assembly Gun Start
    5k 5:30 AM 6:00 AM
    10k 5:00 AM 5:30 AM
  7. This run is in partnership with HARIBON Foundation. Each participant will allow HARI to donate one native tree seedling to HARIBON as part of Hyundai’s socio-civic “Together We Can for a Green Tomorrow” pro-environment advocacy.
  8. Winners for each category will be given trophies and Hyundai items.
    Mileage Title Mileage Title
    5k 1st Male 1st Female 10k 1st Male 1st Female
    2nd Male 2nd Female 2nd Male 2nd Female
    3rd Male 3rd Female 3rd Male 3rd Female

    Prizes will be awarded after all runners have crossed the finish line during the Awarding Ceremonies and Program proper.

Click here for Online Registration *Registration is currently closed

hyundai accent run singlet design

Singlet Design


March 29-31, 2011 (10:00am to 6:00pm)


Hyundai Headquarters
Hyundai Quezon Avenue
Hyundai Global City
Hyundai Alabang
SecondWind, Ortigas Home Depot

Official Website:

UPDATE: It seems the registration for the Hyundai Accent Run is closed for now, they were overwhelmed with registration yesterday and apparently reached their target number or runners. Stay tuned for updates for this event or check their Facebok account.